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Publisher Role and Video Approval

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This is meant as an informal "blog post" about the Publisher role in Canvas. It helps to first read through "Making Canvas Class Recordings Available..." but basically, this is concerning the role of Publisher and approval of videos in the "Class Recordings" tab in your Canvas Course.

As you know, only the Publisher can approve or deny recording requests. And that Publisher role seems to be given to the person who first goes into the Class Recordings > Settings > and Enabled "Sessions become available when approved by a publisher." Even if there's a teacher in the class, only the Publisher can approve and deny videos once that option has been marked.

To add an addition Publisher, the current Publisher would need to go into the parent folder and each subfolder and Add a secondary Publisher, especially before removing themselves first! Like Box, where you need to add someone else as an owner on a folder before removing yourself or else the whole thing goes away.

Small Recap:

  • Publisher Role = Someone who sets up the Video Approval on a canvas course
  • Only the Publisher can add another Publisher (so, not even the teacher or a general Canvas admin can)
  • If you remove yourself as publisher before adding someone else, then no one is a publisher, and we'll have to contact Canvas support for help
  • Any subfolder created will inherit the parent folder's share settings and that won't retroactively change permissions so
    • Adding subfolders on a folder you're the publisher for, adds yourself as publisher for those folders
    • Removing yourself as publisher does not affect your publisher role in subfolders that already exist

Example: Comm ### Parent Folder - Publisher Removed(Publisher role for BFranklin removed 9/30)

  • Subfolder 1 - Publisher still BFranklin (created 9/28)
    • Subfolder 1.1 - Publisher still BFranklin (created 9/31)
  • Subfolder 2 - No Publisher (created 9/31)
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