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VR Avatar Creation Instructions

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  1. Navigate on a computer with a web camera to
  2. Click "create avatar"
  3. Choose your preferred body type 
  4. Click "take a photo"
    1. Your browser may ask for permission to use your web camera - click allow
  5. Click the camera icon to take a picture of yourself
  6. Once you have a photo you like - click accept
  7. A custom avatar will appear that you can edit to your liking by using the icons on the bottom of the screen (skin tone, clothing, eye color, etc). If the generated avatar does not need editing or you have finished editing your avatar - click next - located on the top right-hand corner of the screen
  8. A screen may pop up asking you to create an account to save your avatar to use on other platforms - you may create an account or click the 'X" located on the top right-hand corner of the pop-up
  9. Click "import to VRChat"
  10.  A new tab will open. If you are not logged into your VRChat account - a login window will appear asking for your VRChat credentials - enter them and click login. If you are already logged into your VRChat account (see the second picture below), a new window will open asking for permission to connect your VRChat account with your newly created Ready Player Me avatar - click yes, located in the bottom right-hand corner
  11. Your avatar will take 10-15 minutes to prepare before appearing in your VRChat account. You may close the window
  12. After the required time has lapsed, log into your VRChat account (
  13. On the left-hand side of the screen, click "avatars"
  14. Next, click the "+" icon next to "granted avatars" and verify you see your newly created avatar
  15. You now have an avatar linked to your VRChat account
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